Horse World Gives Back

Horse World Gives Back is bringing the horse world together in a fund raising drive to benefit the people and horses affected by the recent flooding and tornadoes all throughout the country. Let’s show the world the what a caring and compassionate people we are!

Horse World Gives Back has been organized by the Horse Radio Network and many of their media partners.


FEI takes some bold moves into unknown waters

Recently when the FEI publicly released the long awaited Eventing Risk Management Plan, I was critical of most aspects as the plan in my opinion lacked many of the key aspects of a plan. However, I was very excited by one aspect of the plan which was to prioritize the Communications within Risk Management. While I am still waiting for the phone call or email to gather my thoughts on how the FEI Eventing Team can improve aspects of communication, I am heartened by recent movement at the top of the FEI.

Oh wait, before I get to my excitement perhaps I should express my confusion first. Communication and transparency are key platforms of the reform process that is underway. How is it that the CEO of the FEI can resign on Friday and his replacement be appointed on the following Tuesday, that is less than 3 business days. There must be some amazing headhunters in Switzerland. I have NEVER seen a global search for a CEO completed with such expediency EVER. Congratulations.

Now back to my excitement. The FEI in the last few weeks has really stepped into some unchartered waters and as a ‘Social Media Freak’ I am highly excited. The FEI are now on FaceBook yes, this is a huge step. I hope they have a well resourced Social Media Team as I think this could be a very interesting experiment otherwise.

In addition, there is now a FEI twitter account. Social media is an extremely powerful tool and twitter is one that has bitten many big organizations on the bum. A great example of this is the great oil company with leakage issues in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the spoof twitter account BPGlobalPR. This is a great example of how the twitterati can turn on an organization who get their PR wrong or even worse in the eyes of the social media, having a foray into social media without a plan and the resources to do it well.

One of the critical aspects of all social media is that you cannot control what people say about you or people within your organization. If you do try that, then the hive will turn on you. So when I say I am excited about the FEI stepping into the realm of social media it is with some expectation of things not going quite to plan.

Another interesting change that has happened in the last few weeks is the appointment of the FEI Constitutional Task Force. Getting to this point has not been without controversy but the appointment as Chair of the Task Force of Akaash Maharaj, Equine Canada’s CEO is a surprise and a brave move by the FEI. Anyone even remotely familiar with Akaash will know he is NOT afraid to speak his mind and is a clear advocate for open and public debate.

Akaash is not your average Federation CEO, has achieved many things in his personal and professional life and studied at Oxford University in Master of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. To appoint Akaash to head this Task Force was no accident, he will be thorough open and consultative. He is also not European which will bring interesting feedback I am sure.

When I heard Akaash had been appointed in this role I sent him a little note wishing him well and expressing my concern that perhaps he has been appointed in the hope he might fail. He was philosophical about the appointment and deeply touched he had been given the chance to help reform the FEI and said simply that he would much prefer to have tried and failed than not tried at all. That is a sentiment I can completely understand, it is exactly the reason that drives me in my Eventing Safety campaign.

What I do know is that the Task Force has started on the right foot by communicating with the Federations publicly. Here is a copy of the letter sent out. While I do not know the other committee members Cesar Carmargo Serrano of Columbia, nor Kim Gueho of Mauritius nor Ulf Helgstrand of Denmark, I do know Paul Cargill of Australia. If his name does sound familiar he is the current Chair of Equestrian Australia, an accomplished Lawyer and the father of Hamish, of Hamish and Dave fame or as he is known at the moment HamoNoDavo.

This whole experience is a new and exciting chapter in the future of the FEI and I for one am really looking forward to it.


A little about EventingSafety John on Eventing Nation

Well, lets start with the basics. My name is John Lechner, I am 36 and live in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, in Australia, about 2 hours from Sydney.  I am married to Kim (my very understanding and supporting partner who allows me to travel the globe chasing my dreams). I have two boys aged 6 & 5……………… more here


Eventing Safety John off to Adelaide with Eventing Nation

This weekend is the final four star event of 2010, the Australian International Three Day Event in Adelaide, South Australia.  I will be heading down and reporting for Eventing Nation.  There are two preview stories.

The first – The Sixth CCI4*

The secondAdelaide CCI4* — Do you think a horse knows they have won?

Lots more to come and I will do a wrap on the safety on XC when I return as I know Course Designer Wayne Copping has included some Mim NewEra fences plus some other stuff.

Thanks and see you in Adelaide.  Oh and don’t forget I will be tweeting like mad, @johnvacy or for those who don’t have Twitter


2010 Radio Show Episode 120 by SUCCEED

Daily radio coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games continues with a wrap up of the days events. We recap the Para Dressage Individual Team tests and Jumping Team competition today as we record at the International Equestrian Festival in front of a live audience. Listen in.

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Dressage Radio Episode 73 – The Kur

Special daily coverage of the dressage competition at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Chris is joined by some special guests for same day coverage. This episode was recorded live in front of an audience at the Alltech Experience in the Kentucky Horse Park. Listen in…

Dressage Radio Episode 73 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Host: Chris Stafford
  • Photo Credit: Dirk Caremans
  • Guest: Glenn the Geek
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    • Sept 27: Recording at 6-7 PM
    • Sept 28: Recording at 6-7 PM
    • Sept 29: Recording at 5:30-6:30 PM
    • Oct 2: Recording at 7:30-8:30 AM
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2010 Radio Show Episode 115 by SUCCEED

Daily radio coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games continues with a wrap up of the days events. We recap Eventing Dressage with Samantha and Reining Finals with Lisa Coulter as we record at the International Equestrian Festival. Listen in as Templeton Thompson takes the show out with “Girls and Horses”…

2010 Radio Show Episode 115 by SUCCEED – Show Notes and Links:

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