Staking debate

This is my latest story on Eventing Nation about staking Cross Country Fences.

Eventing Nation


Safety Top Hats by Samantha Clark

Everybody knows how strongly I feel about wearing a Safety Helmet when riding a horse. Now even the most precious Dressage Queen, can feel right at home in a Helmet.

Eventing Radio Episode 116 by Bit of Britain

David & Karen O’Connor join Chris and Max to explain the philosophy behind David’s bid to become the next US team coach & Chef d’Equipe and what that would mean to both of them. Laura Kraut and Samantha Lendl join Karen as they explain a new PRO Derby Cross event taking place in March. All that and more on this week’s show so tune in right here…

Eventing Radio Episode 116 by Bit of Britain – Show Notes and Links:

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An update on Henny on EN by Samantha Clark

Check out the update here on Eventing Nation

There have been lots if comments about this situation on forums around the world and on both my site and Eventing Nation.  Many of them mention that a good contract may have resolved this, perhaps.

However, my concern as with the Sam & Totilas situation is that this is not good for horse sport.  Things like this will change the way our sport operates and probably not for the better.  Some of the best horseman I know are crap businessman.  I don’t know Peter well enough to know if this is the case but what I do know is that the only people who will win out of this situation are the lawyers and this is not good.

I would love to hear Linda’s side of the story but unfortunately we probably wont as the lawyers are now involved.  This is a shame.

Badminton – Leading the way and stepping up to the plate

Recently I leveled a direct criticism at all of the Four Star Events as NOT one included any in depth information of any kind on their website as to the safety devices used on their XC course.  My premise was that as the Four Stars, riders and other event organisers look up to them so seeing that a 4* is doing it would help promote to others to do more too.  Only one event responded to my criticism and in fact, they promised to do something about it.

That event was Badminton and last night I received this live to the story, where Badminton Director Hugh Thomas talks about safety.  I applaud Badminton, for taking the lead, I will also be preparing a story on the safety utilised at Adelaide last week.

Thank you Hugh and thank you to Monty White, who produced the video.

This is the full story on the Badminton Blog, and below is the interview with Hugh Thomas

Adelaide again

During the last few days, I spent my time working for John at Eventing Nation reporting on the Adelaide Horse Trials or the Australian International Three Day Event.  I had a fantastic time and managed to pump out 11 stories in total.  I am not going to do a recap, although I will, later this week do an article on the safety initiatives at the event.  These are my stories, all of them from the last to the first.—-do-you-think-a-horse-knows-they-have-won.html

I hope you enjoy them, I certainly enjoyed putting them together, and perhaps I may do more.

2010 Radio Show Episode 122 by SUCCEED

Daily radio coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games continues with a wrap up of the days events. We recap the Jumping Team Finals, Para Dressage Individual Championship Tests, Combined Driving Dressage and Vaulting Individual Freestyle today as we record at the International Equestrian Festival in front of a live audience. Listen in.

2010 Radio Show Episode 122 by SUCCEED – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosts: Samantha Clark and Glenn the Geek
  • Location: The International Equestrian Festival in downtown Lexington. Recording at 7:00 PM every night. Stop down and join us.
  • Guest: John Freiburger
  • Guest: Gavin Robson
  • Guest: Doug Orr
  • Coverage: Follow all the coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games on the Horse Radio Network.

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