British Eventing, TRL & Frangible Pin

There is little doubt that the early work by British Eventing and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in the UK back in 2000/01 was the beginning of some fundamental changes in our understanding of eventing safety particularly in course building and an emphasis on redesigning to achieve safer cross country.  Since those early days a significant amount of research and analysis has been conducted by British Eventing in partnership with TRL and others including Goodyear, Bristol University and Competitive Measure.

This resulting analysis, research and development have been shared openly with the whole eventing world allowing other to benefit and even further develop concept, materials and ideas.

It is important then to understand where it all began and the progressions from 2000 to today and where the vision and measurable goals are for the future.

To me this TRL Frangible Pin Report is the start of the Frangible Pins story, it is undated but comes specifically from the British Eventing website.

British Eventing has developed a video which clearly demonstrates the right and wrong way to ride on Cross Country here is the link to watch the video on the British Eventing website thanks to BE for the link.

This is the Official guide to installation and supplier of the Frangible Pins.  Barriers International supply products to different sports including Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Athletics, Field Sport and of course Eventing.

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) has a comprehensive Cross Country Fence Design/Construction and Frangible Pin Installation Guide.  This document outlines all critical aspects of using the Frangible Pin.  This document is updated regularly.  Download it here.


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