MIM Construction NewEra Clip

The MIMSafe NewEra System has been designed to prevent rotational falls.

The NewEra System has been designed and developed by engineers Mats Björnetun and Anders Flogård of MIM Construction Frändefors Sweden. Both having equestrian backgrounds.

The NewEra System Clip will release if a horse hits the fence in such a way that it would have resulted in a rotation.

The NewEra System has an indicator which will spring up to indicate if the clip has been damaged so it can be replaced.  The NewEra System works not only on the “near” vertical force but on the horizontal force as well. The clip has been designed to activate at 190 kg.  The NewEra System can be simply used for all permanent and portable fences. See our products page.

The research piece by Anders Flogård of MIM Construction AB titledA Study of Means to Prevent Rotational Falls within Cross Country Eventing“.

This is a copy of the Presentation by Mats Björnetun as the Swedish Federation representative at the FEI EVENTING RISK MANAGEMENT SEMINAR 16 – 17 January 2010.

Latest Update (14 June 2010)

Mats from Mim has created two new presentations to demonstrate how a horse rotates on a fence and how rotation can be prevented. These are great graphics in simple terms to demonstrate the physics behind a rotational fall.

Here they are on the Mim site

Also here for your easy access



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