About this site

Why did I start this page?

First off, I am passionate about Eventing, it is an amazing sport that demonstrates how amazing the relationship between man (& women) and horse can be.  I am an FEI Technical Delegate, so when I am at an event I have a serious focus on safety.  What I do see is that there is a lot of work being done worldwide to ensure that safety for both Horse & Rider improves.  At all levels small and large changes are securing the future of our sport.

Unfortunately, the information that is available is hard to find, fragmented and makes navigating the world of Eventing Safety hard to pursue.  You can spend hours (I have spent countless hours so far and many more to come) finding all of the information available on this site.  I am doing this purely to improve safety in our sport.  There are no advertisements, nor am I taking any money from any of the products mentioned on this website.  My criteria is simple, if a product or advancement can improve safety in Eventing then it will be here.

I do not profess to know of every product or technique to improve safety, so if I’ve missed something let me know, send me some info and I will add it to the resources here.  That said I have my opinions and I will express those, my blog pages are positive (to date) and focus on what we can do to improve safety.  If I don’t like something or think it is not safe or otherwise I will express that opinion.  However, the overarching goal is and will remain improving Eventing Safety.

I hope you find my site useful and are able to contribute information, photos, videos or other information that should be disseminated to the wider Eventing community.  There are some items that I will not post, I feel very strongly about maintaining the image of our sport as well as improving safety.  So I will not publish graphic images or video that show fatalities or major trauma to horse or rider, we should all be promoting “good pictures” for our sport and the wider dissemination of ugly images does not do our sport any good.

If you would like to make a submission of any kind to help improve the knowledge base on Eventing Safety please send me an email at eventingsafety@gmail.com thank you.

John Lechner



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