USEA – United States Eventing Association

The USEA, USEF  and the University of Kentucky have teamed up to conduct a formal study on frangible fence technology.  The study is being conducted by the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. Eric Grulke, Suzanne Weaver Smith, Katie Kahmann, Michelle Tucker, Ben Matar and John Greenwell are members of the University of Kentucky Engineering Team who will conduct the study which will cover the evaluation of jump designs for improved horse and rider safety with a focus on in-field mechanical testing, analysis and design, materials evaluation and construction cost estimation divided into the following tasks.

More info here on the USEA website.

Here is a copy of a presentation on the study presented by Suzanne Weaver Smith, University of Kentucky at the Review of USEA Safety Studies, USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, December 5, 2009

The USEA is raising money to support the research project, you can get involved by donating here.

The USEA also have a great Course Designers guide to using Frangible Pins, this guide gives specific guides on heights, weights and other key information to ensure that frangible pins are used correctly.


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