2009 – FEI Eventing Risk Management Seminar – Hartpury

PLEASE NOTE:  These documents have been downloaded by Myself for the most part in June 2010.  These documents may have changed since that date.  For the most up to date copies of the historical reference documents. Please visit the FEI website and download the most up to date copies.

The FEI is concerned that all people are given the most up to date copies of this information.


FEI Eventing National Safety Officers Seminar, Hartpury (GBR), 23 – 24 January 2009

Minutes of the 2009 Seminar – 2009 Eventing Risk Management Seminar for NSOs Minutes – Hartpury


  • Medical Aspects of Safety – Presentation by Dr Craig Ferrell, Chairman FEI Medical Committee (27.02.2009)
  • Veterinary Presentation – by Prof. Catherine Kohn, Member of Eventing Safety Sub Committee (27.02.2009)
  • Video Presentation “Eventing training to fall” – by Laurent Bousquet Member of Eventing Safety Sub Committee

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The concept of this training to fall has been created by Mr Bertrand TRIGUER, e-mail: bertrand.triguer@orange.fr. Please contact him directly if you have any interest in this concept or the “learning to fall” training programme which is associated to it.


  • AUT NF – Body Protector, Dr Peter Panzenböck, NSO (27.02.2009)
  • GER NF – Main Safety Actions in Eventing, Mr Friedrich Otto-Erley, NSO (27.02.2009)
  • GBR NF – 2007-2008 GBR Statistics, Mr Jonathan Clissold, NSO (27.02.2009)
  • GBR NF – Researching into deformable structures (supported by Goodyear) – Mr Martin Herbert and Mr Tim Deans, Bristol University (27.09.2009)
  • NED NF – Safety Presentation, Mr Teun Platenkamp, NSO (27.02.2009)
  • SUI NF – 2008 Statistics, Mr Hans Klemm, NSO (27.02.2009)
  • SWE NF – Recommendations integrated into National rules for 2008, Mrs Christina Klingspor and Mr Christian Persson, NSO (27.02.2009)

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