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The long running battle over the control of Henny is almost complete and the great news is that it has come down in favour of the famous combination of Peter Atkins and Henny.  Here is a copy of the ruling by the Judge, but in short the news is good for Peter and Henny.

There is a more detailed analysis by Samantha Clark on Eventing Nation here and as Samantha was the one who brought the story to the world I will leave the last comment to her.

This is the original story as broken on Eventing Safety back in November.


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An update on Henny on EN by Samantha Clark

Check out the update here on Eventing Nation

There have been lots if comments about this situation on forums around the world and on both my site and Eventing Nation.  Many of them mention that a good contract may have resolved this, perhaps.

However, my concern as with the Sam & Totilas situation is that this is not good for horse sport.  Things like this will change the way our sport operates and probably not for the better.  Some of the best horseman I know are crap businessman.  I don’t know Peter well enough to know if this is the case but what I do know is that the only people who will win out of this situation are the lawyers and this is not good.

I would love to hear Linda’s side of the story but unfortunately we probably wont as the lawyers are now involved.  This is a shame.

More BAD news for Equestrian Sport – RunHennyRun


“HJ Hampton Center of Partnership Dispute

In a dispute surrounding the partnership interests of HJ Hampton, on November 2nd Linda Martin took HJ Hampton from Peter Atkins’ barn without his permission or knowledge.

Atkins was extremely concerned for the horse’s well being. On November 17th, Atkins obtained a court order that required Ms. Martin to surrender the horse to Atkins and further restrains Ms. Martin from selling, transferring, or otherwise taking any action affecting Atkins’ rights to HJ Hampton.

A hearing is scheduled for November 29, 2010 to determine whether the order will be extended pending a trial on the merits of the dispute. HJ Hampton is a nine year-old Argentine-bred Selle Francais gelding. Atkins has been his exclusive rider, trainer, and caregiver since 2007. Atkins and HJ Hampton represented Australia in the 2010 World Equestrian Games, where they finished 24th.”

So another fantastic partnership between horse and man is about to end thanks to the almighty dollar. It is a disgrace, we have an amazing sport that is built upon the ultimate level of trust and partnership between the athlete (the horse) and their jockey (us Eventers). You cannot make a horse do eventing, they must enjoy it, love XC and overall the level of trust between horse and man must be extremely high.

Unfortunately it is a reality that the average rider or even elite rider can only afford to own a few of their own horses. The riders then rely on building partnerships with “Owners” who support the riders by helping to pay the bills or buy that magical horse.

However since WEG we have also seen the dark side of this relationship between Rider and Owner. First off the rank was Totilas who was sold from under his partner Edward Gal, even whilst he was competing to take out the World Championships of Dressage.

Next came Michael Jung’s horse Sam, who was taken from Michael’s farm without his permission and has since been returned following legal action. Regardless of what happens this has gotten ugly and is likely to continue for some time yet.

And again news has emerged late this week, that internet sensation and youtube superstar HJ Hampton – more commonly known as “Henny” or “RunHennyRun” was taken from Peter Atkins’ farm without his permission.

It is understood the owner is trying to find a buyer. There is a lot to this story that I don’t know but the press release says a lot, even by what it doesn’t say.

How can we as a sport stop this happening? I don’t know, but I do know that this is CRAP, or even more strongly BULLSHIT. The behavior of the owners in these circumstances leaves a lot to be desired.

Check out Henny’s BIO on his facebook page, he was in no fit state to do much of anything only 2 short years ago. Since then Peter has put in a lot of hard work and following his catch rider at WEG and subsequent success suddenly he has a huge figure on his price tag. This is very disappointing in so many ways. I was truly looking forward to seeing Henny at Red Hills early next year and very hopeful to see both Peter and Henny in the Green and Gold again in London.

Now it seems both may not happen. Why?  Dollars. What a pity.  Just imagine how this little boy is feeling right now.

Owen and Henny at WEG 2010

2010 Radio Show Episode 114 by SUCCEED

Daily radio coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games continues with a wrap up of the days events. We recap the Dressage Grand Prix Special and Internet sensations Hamish and Dave and Peter Atkins join us at the International Equestrian Festival in front of a live audience. Listen in…

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