A diversion from the normal program

Good morning People, it is 5.15am here in Australia and I am about to post something about Dressage and Jumping. Thought I better explain myself. Pretty simple really, there will be some great WEG coverage coming from the Horse Radio Network over the next three weeks of WEG and I have done a deal with Glenn The Geek to carry all four WEG (Olympic discipline) shows. So from now until the end of WEG you will find the following Horse Radio Network shows right here.

The 2010 will be produced daily during the games and will feature a full days wrap plus special guest and lots of fun from Samantha Clark and Glenn The Geek. The Eventing, Dressage and Jumping Shows are each hosted by Chris Stafford and will feature four special WEG shows (basically one at the end of each day of relevant competition).  So the good news is you won’t have to go far to get daily results, goss and the feeling of WEG.

I can’t wait and am so sorry I won’t be there myself.  There is one other place I recommend you check out for a bit of fun around WEG.  The Equestrian Australia Team have flown Hamish Cargill and Dave Campbell over to do their own warped (very Aussie) reporting on the games and will be dong regular spots of H & D TV on youtube, this is their first video.  Many more to come.

Finally, if you or any of your friends travel to WEG and see any frangible fences or anything else relating to safety in Eventing please drop me a line with any photos or videos to eventingsafety@gmail.com thanks again John.


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