Lots going on

During the last month I have been chasing my tail, crossing the Country and busy in all aspects of my life.  Unfortunately that means I have neglected this website.  That said, I have some great new information including videos and photos to share on the Mim NewEra system in action.

Wayne Copping, highly respected Australian Course Designer and Builder has been hard at work and the results speak for themselves.  I am very pleased to report that the skinny fences from the Sydney World Cup Round earlier this year, that were dropping like bowling pins (the video is in an earlier post) was modified to change the centre of gravity for the Sydney CIC in August.

A huge improvement and I have video which I am currently editing to slow down of a horse straddling the fence without it coming down.  Wayne also introduced the Mim system into a vertical gate with a log ground line in close.  The gate was very well respected by the riders so the end result was a great fence to use the system but it was not tested as the gate was barely touched by the horses.

Lots more to get on with so I will finish here for the moment so that I can edit the videos and pictures to put up asap.


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