Test Video – Mim NewEra Clip System – Frangible Fence

To understand how important the development and testing of the Mim NewEra Clip System is, it is important to understand Mats and Anders from Mim Construction. Both are engineers and their company over the years has developed a number of systems that are engineered and tested (as in crash tested) for in vehicle use. Such as their Variocage a dog cage for inside vehicles that is designed to absorb impacts to protect both vehicle passengers and the dogs during a crash.

Importantly, these guys are not some backyard outfit, they are engineers, have experience in engineering, testing, modifying, manufacturing and mass production.  These are the key elements we need to improve our sport, they have all of this equipment at their disposal.  They can design and manufacture a product to test, get it right and then turn out large quantities for use in the real world.  Real world experience is really important as we all know that, what happens in the lab is not necessarily the same as real life.  This was proven at the Sydney World Cup event earlier this year, the fences were falling after a heavy rub from some horses.  Since then both Anders and Mats have been back to the drawing board and increased the breaking strength by 30%.  By my calculations, this increasing the breaking weight to 234kg from 180kg (for a pair) or 2340N and 1800N of force.

Next job is some more real world testing and perhaps some more tweaking, critically this can be done quickly to respond to the results of the real world testing.  The Mim NewEra Clip System will be used at the upcoming FEI European Eventing Championships for Young Riders in Pardubice, Czech Republic later this month.  This is the first Championship Event that will utilise the Clips. An exciting development that I cannot wait to see the report from.

The force on the post & rail is 21500N (2150kg)
The force on the potable corner is 19800N (1980kg)
Upper part of post & rail is heavier than the portable corner.
Force have being increased with 30% on the clip since the Sydney test.

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John Lechner also known as ESJ or JohnVacy is a photographer and writer. He is based in the Hunter Valley of NSW in Australia. John has a passion for Eventing photography and writing. John is an FEI Official (Technical Delegate) in addition to the work he does as a writer and photographer in the sport. You can see John's work on Eventing Nation and An Eventful Life where he is both a contributor as a photographer and writer. To find out more about ESJ and where he will be next be shooting more eventing photography then go to About ESJ. John is available to provide specific photographs at Events for riders and sponsors as well as providing images for publication.

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